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In our practice, we prefer to make appointments via Smart Nurse Emma or via WhatsApp.

Provided services

All our doctors speak Russian, Czech and English and provide complete treatment, diagnostic and preventive services in the field of reproduction, gynecology and pregnancy. We also cooperate with doctors of other specialties who also speak Russian, Ukrainian or English.


We provide gynecological preventive examinations and contraceptive counseling to women who do not plan to become pregnant.

For couples planning pregnancy

Our doctors provide examinations and counseling to women who are planning pregnancy, and we give individual recommendations to couples regarding the necessary examinations or other measures in preparation for pregnancy.

Treatment of infertility

For couples who have not been able to conceive yet, we conduct initial consultations and examinations at our clinic, and together we draw up a treatment plan. A complete offer of examinations and infertility treatment services is available at the infertility treatment clinic EuropeIVF, where our doctors are also available and where all necessary procedures including IVF, artificial insemination and donor programs can be performed in Russian.

Prenatal care

Pregnancy management is an important part of our work. There are certain differences in the approach to the management of normal and pathological pregnancy in Ukraine, Russia and Europe, after a lot of experience, my colleagues and I determined the most reasonable and important stages of examination of pregnant women in order not to overlook serious problems, but on the other hand, not to burden healthy women with unnecessary tests.

Delivery in the Czech Republic

In addition to prenatal care, we help women who want to give birth in the Czech Republic but have had prenatal care in other countries take out insurance and prepare a package of documents for childbirth. We also work with doctors in maternity hospitals in and around Prague who speak Russian and ENG.

Healthy diet and proper exercise

For this purpose, we found two great experts, a nutritionist and a certified women's yoga trainer. In some cases, medication is not necessary, it is enough to follow a properly prepared individual nutrition plan and exercise and perform exercises selected especially for you.


your life does not finish, when you don´t have to think about contraception any more. We can help you feel young and beautiful, in any age. Yes, there are some uncomfortable symptoms, like irregular cycle, hot flashes and weight gain, but there is something we can do about it and help you enjoy your life, when the kids are grown up. W also provide osteoporosis counselling – vitamins, exercises, HRT and specific treatment if needed.

Fertility preservation (oocyte cryoconservation)

we offer ovarian reserve tests and individual plan for fertility preservation, if you are not planning pregnancy now, but thinking abou this in the future, the best age is 31-35 years old. For the all services regarding infertility treatment and fertility preservation dr. Tomilova provides first consultation in our office GynPrahaPlus in Vysočany, and then the treatment itself is taking place in EuropeIVF clinic with her.

Important information about pregnancy interruptions / medical abortions

There are some specific medical and legal requirements for pregnancy interruptions in the Czech republic. First, this procedure is only possible if you have long term or permanent residence in the Czech republic, for women age 15 years old and above.

All the medical abortions are provided in big hospitals, a recommendation letter from your gynecologist is required. We provide those specific recommendation letters. All the expenses regarding medical abortions are not covered by insurance companies.

Abortion is possible till week 12 of the pregnancy, but it is much safer before week 7 (49 days from the first day of your last period). So if your period is delayed, the urine pregnancy test is positive, don´t wait, call us, we can help you.


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Our waiting room and all the facilities are cosy and very modern and we have a children's play area for kids.

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